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If you wish to monitor the uptime of a web host, you need to monitor it constantly. This helps in verifying the uptime with what they have published in their advertisements. There are many network statistics, which aid in monitoring this time. Some of the most important are number of failed checks, average response time, DND lookup time, check period, last checked(in minutes), monitor status, uptime percentage  and 1k page download time.

In addition to the above mention statistics, there are many other advanced statistics, which can be of great help. These ate link and image validation, full page download time to name a few.


To gather the above mentioned statistics, web monitoringservice ismonitoring the below mentioned services:

  • The HTTP server that is delivering the web pages on the internet
  • The HTTPS server that is used for obtaining the secure pages on the site and also for using the secure server
  • The FTP servers that provides the files which are downloadable on the website
  • POP3 and SMTP server which ensure smooth incoming and outgoing emails from the servers

By simply monitoring the above mentioned primary areas, web monitoring services can provide a report which can be of great help in improving the overall user experience?

Let’s define some of the basic monitoring statistics

The check period in an uptime service report is nothing but how frequently the network is validated for uptime.Depending on the need, the checks are performed at diverse intervals of time. But mostly, the checks are done every 1/5/15/30/60 minutes.

The last checked time simply means how much time back in minutes was the web hosting company monitored by the uptime monitoring service. Also, this value is based on the interval that is selected for the checks.
imagesNormally there are three main categories in the monitor status statistic: number of checks, number of outages and failed checks. In the uptime monitoring report these form the most significant numbers

Number of checks: This means the total number of times, the web hosting company has been checked by the monitoring service as operating.

Number of outages: This means the number of times, the servers of the web hosting company have been unavailable and down.

Failed check: This means the number of time some error is indicated and the connection to the host is lost. This doesn’t mean that the site is unavailable; it only indicated some type of error

So, now let’s define Uptime percentage. It is simply the percentage of time the system is running, functional and up. This is actually the crucial statistic that is describes whether the web host uptime is in tune with the uptime they guarantee to their users. For example, if a particular company has advertised uptime guarantee of 95% and it comes out to be only 93%, so what will you think of that web host?

Now, let’s define another important statistic which is average response time. This is the time taken up by the uptime monitoring service to get a response from the web host which it requests. This is significant in telling the users, the response speed form the servers of the web hosting company. Smaller the response tie, quicker the networks are moving and better for your website.

For any website to perform better, the key is reliable web hosting service. Every webmaster is aware of this fact but how to find out which web host is the best? Almost all the web hosting companies claim 99.9% uptime? How far is this claim true? Let us find out

I am a web hosting enthusiast and wanted to myself check which web host offers the best uptime. Over the past months, I had monitored some of the popular web hosts and the results came out to be surprising:

What does the above data means

When you look at the above results, you can easily conclude that Web Hosting Hub is the clear winner with 100% uptime and FatCow is a real disappointment with an uptime percentage of 98.89%.

How did I acquire the above results?

I acquired the results by using a tool Pingdom. I had set up a new website for the testing purpose on each web host that I had selected for the test. With the help of Pingdom;smonitoring tolls, I pinged the websites after interval of 5 minutes and then tested the response time and uptime of the websites on each web host.

Final thoughts on Web Hosting Uptime and Response Time Stats Report

  • It can be concluded that Web Hosting Hub has the perfect 100% uptime percentage with a very low response time as required.
  • Go Daddy also secured pretty well.
  • iPage and FatCow were the real disappointments with the lowest uptime percentage and slowestresponse time.
  • A2 has the fastest response time as compared with any other webhost.
  • DreamHost also performed well for uptime but disappointed as showed slow response time.